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How Implant Dentures in Eau Claire Improve Quality of Life

Improving your smile can mean improved quality of life, and implant dentures Eau Claire dental professionals offer can make that possible. Dental implants are a type of permanent replacement for missing teeth. It’s possible to use them to replace just one lost tooth or to replace a series of teeth, which is more common. Though the process is a bit more invasive, it offers such an improvement to a person’s quality of life that it is often the best decision.

How Implant Teeth Eau Claire Solutions Work

A dental implant occurs after damaged, deteriorated, or otherwise diseased teeth are removed. Once removed, unlike most traditional dentures that slide into and out of the mouth, implant dentures are a more permanent solution. The implants are placed into the bone of the jaw, creating a foundation for the crown to be fitted to the top. Some versions allow for a snap-on and off design, which allows them to be removed for cleaning.

How Denture Implants Offer Benefits

When you get dental implants in Eau Claire, you may see significant improvement. Here are a couple of ways this occurs:

  • Implants create a very strong foundation, allowing for nearly normal biting and chewing. That means fewer restrictions on what a person can eat.
  • Implants tend to be longer lasting, sometimes lasting a lifetime. Unlike other types of dentures that need to be replaced every few years, implants can last much longer.
  • They create a natural appearance. With implants, the crowns can be shaped and designed to look just like a person’s natural teeth, even getting the coloring just right to match. This improves the overall aesthetics.
  • You cannot develop cavities. Unlike natural teeth, cavities do not develop on implants, making it easier to care for them.
  • There’s no damage to other teeth. When using a bridge and crown, the weight and structural integrity of those appliances is dependent on the surrounding teeth. Without any pressure on those teeth, implants don’t cause additional damage to the mount.
  • They don’t become loose or fall out like dentures and crowns can, thanks to the overall durability and solid foundation they have.

As a result, implants are a durable, reliable solution that lasts and looks great. For many people, they allow for an option that is as close to natural teeth as possible.

Are Dental Implants Eau Claire Right for You?

Implant dentistry can be a valuable investment for those who qualify for it. Many people find that when it comes to implant dentures Eau Claire dentists can offer the best overall solution for their needs over the long term. For many people, the removal of damaged teeth and replacement with implants can be one of the best ways to restore overall dental health.

To learn more about implant dentistry Eau Claire patients can work closely with the team at Trimble Dentist. Our team will work closely with you to better understand how well implants can create a long-term solution for you.

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